Common Curiosities answers to those absurd and irrelevant everyday questions

Where do ferrets live? 0

Where do ferrets live?

Where do ferrets live… where are ferrets native… where did ferrets originate… what a slew of very similar questions that actually do not all have an identical answer!

why do keyword research anyway 0

Why do keyword research

Well, the truth is that keyword research can be incredibly valuable to your blog, business, or whatever else you are working on! 

how to dress like a pirate 0

How to dress like a pirate

So you’re wondering how to dress like a pirate… perhaps for halloween, or just for fun in general.  While there are many variations of pirate attire we will highlight a few of the most common characteristics below.

how is almond milk made 4

How is almond milk made

How is almond milk made?! What a great question! Did you know that you can actually make almond milk at home with the right ingredients and methods?


where does cotton come from

Where does cotton come from – it’s actually grown on a plant!  The cotton used in your clothing has to go through many steps to take that form but it is all natural fibres straight off the cotton plants to start with.