When is Christmas? What are your most important traditions?

When is Christmas?

Simple Answerwhen is christmas?

Christmas is a winter holiday on December 25th each year.  It is considered a statutory holiday in many countries, and is therefor often a day off work (or an alternate day off offered when it falls on a weekend) for companies that observe and follow the statutory holidays.  Some industries, such as certain aspects of agriculture and animal care totally ignore the question “When is Christmas” in favour of their daily routines.  Unfortunately do not always observe these vacation days as the industry requires staff everyday of the year to provide adequate care.

…does everyone celebrate Christmas?

Christmas is celebrated by many individuals but as it is a religious holiday there are also many cultures and religions that do not observe Christmas.  These individuals may have other interests this time of year, such as the Jewish Hanukkah which spans over multiple days, others may not observe the winter holiday season at all.  “Happy Holidays” has become a very popular and much more inclusive greeting in recent years due to its ability to include a much wider range of people and views than the previous “Merry Christmas”.

Is Christmas only a one day event?

While Christmas day is only December 25th many people also celebrate with their own family specific traditions on Christmas Eve (December 24th) as well.  Due to the number of people that some wish to celebrate multiple gatherings may be planned throughout the month on various days to accommodate different family, friend, or co-worker groups.

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