What is Boanthropy?

Boanthropy – one of the most unusual and uncommon mental illnesses.  But what is boanthropy really?

Definition of Boanthropy

Boanthropy is a psychological disorder that causes a person to believe they are an ox, cow, or generally of the bovine species.  These individuals believe this to the extent of adopting bovine behaviours such as walking on all fours and eating grass.

…a little more info please?

Boanthropy is most closely related to schizophrenia boanthropy in that the human is in a delusional state, however, unlike with schizophrenia, sufferers tend to maintain this state for a significant period of time.

Although an incredibly rare and subsequently poorly researched disorder it is believed that talk therapy and counselling are the best we currently have to offer individuals that suffer from boanthropy.  The success rate for curing this mental illness is unknown and likely to remain that way as the numbers just don’t allow for much research or time being put into it.

History of boanthropy

The earliest and most well known case of boanthropy appears in the bible.  An individual by the name of Nebuchadnezzar spent seven years believing he was an ox and acting accordingly.  This text can be found fully in the Book of Daniel.

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