What is a good job?

What is a good job?

The definition of a good job is so variable between individuals; but there are always a few criteria it must meet.  A good job is one that you enjoy, fits your lifestyle preferences, and allows you to afford the things you want outside of work.  Beyond that, everyone has different needs in what they want out of a job.  For some people a good job means constantly learning or helping people, for others it is a more mindless set of duties that allows them to focus their energy elsewhere entirely after hours.

Many factors affect how suitable each job may be (or not be) for a specific individual.

Everyone has different priorities in life, and therefor everyone will weigh the pros and cons of each job a little differently based on their previous experiences and preferences.

Scheduling your working hours can have a huge affect on work life balance and personal activities, so the shifts required for each job will have benefits for some that may actually be considered drawbacks for others.  Likewise, compensation (monetary, benefits, and discounts) that may be considered fantastic to some will be far too little for the preferred lifestyle of others.

Each individual needs to make a list of their needs, wants, and deal breakers when examining potential job and/or career options.  Relocating is a non issue for some people, but many will also be restricting the options to a specific geographic area based on where they want to live.  After carefully weighing the positives and negatives of each industry and position it becomes much easier to narrow down the best fit for oneself.  At that point, it is just a matter of looking at the available positions to apply for, and choosing which areas to temporarily compromise on if need be.  It can take some time (and often additional education, experience or connections) to find the right fit, but a “good job” is out there for everyone!

Not finding a job you want? Make your own!

Luckily, if the perfect fit in a job isn’t available in your area…or you’re just too much of a control freak for any job, you can always create your own!  For every job available there is someone who took the risk and started that business.  If you don’t like what you’re finding then get to work and create it!

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