What is a dog whisperer?

What is a dog whisperer?

Dog whisperers, like horse whisperers are really just people who know how to interact appropriately with the animal, and therefor tend to get the desired reactions from them.  Most often is comes down to body language, energy, and the quiet understanding that frustration and ego have no place in animal training.

The term likely started because it almost appears that the person can talk to the animals.  Obviously they can’t speak fluently in english, and we can’t bark. Luckily, there are many forms of nonverbal communication that dogs and humans share, we just need to make better use of them!

With enough time spent studying animal behaviour, quietly observing how dogs interact with each other, and learning how to interact with them too, anyone can become a dog whisperer.  One of the key aspects you will learn in the process is how to control your energy, animals are highly sensitive to our mood, and intent.  Think about a time where you walked in a room and immediately felt the mood – lively, fun and happy, aggressive, sad or defensive – dogs pick up on those shifts much more easily than people do so you need to be very aware of what you “bring to the table” with each and every interaction.

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