Does green tea have caffeine? Energy Boost or Relaxing?

So you’ve been wondering if green tea contains caffeine…green tea

While often thought of as caffeine free, green tea actually does contain a small amount of caffeine.  Other beverages such as coffee and black tea contain significantly more caffeine, but green tea is not totally free of it.  If you’re looking for a caffeine free hot beverage some herbal teas may be a better bet. For those who don’t mind a small amount of caffeine then some delicious green tea is a great fit!

Ugh… i really wanted it to be caffeine free

When you’re really set on that cup of green tea but trying to minimize caffeine there are still some ways to make it work. There are a few things that you can do while making your tea to reduce the caffeine content that you consume (or alternatively increase it if you choose to do the opposite). 

One obvious factor of caffeine content is the type of tea. Some green teas are going to have a naturally higher content in the tea leaves than others. This is the base caffeine level that you have to work with.  Unfortunately, you can only alter the outcome so much before needing to choose a different tea. 

These base values are likely to be found on your tea label.  It is important to remember that those values are for the specified brewing time and temperature.  For example, many labels will recommend brewing for just a couple of minutes. When you leave the tea bag in longer more flavour and caffeine will be released into the water, creating a stronger and more caffeinated tea for you to consume.

Why do I not get the same energy high from green tea as coffee?

The fact that the caffeine content is generally much lower in green tea is the main reason. However, the way the tea is processed, along with other components of the tea can also create a different effect in your body.  For example, the caffeine itself has a stimulant effect regardless of being in coffee or tea, but green tea contains an additional amino acid (L-theanine) that has a calming effect.  This allows for the energy boost of the caffeine while also providing a calming effect that isn’t generally found in coffee.

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