How do cats have nine lives

So you’re asking yourself how cats have nine lives?  The age old saying may seem a bit ridiculous…and that’s because it is!  They aren’t any more immortal than the rest of us unfortunately.

Cats don’t actually have 9 lives, in fact they have exactly one life…just like every other species currently known to man on planet earth.  This old saying and misconception most likely stems from the fact that cats can often be seen doing ridiculously stupid and reckless things, and somehow, a percentage of the time they survive them.  Sadly, often enough they also don’t.  Running across streets is unfortunately the end of many cats whether they were known to be on their first life, or their ninth.

What the Cat

Common cat traits include knocking things off tables (the more breakable or expensive the better), galavanting around and then just randomly running as fast and loudly as possible before coming to s screeching halt and acting like nothing happened, climbing things that they cannot jump down from (such as trees), and quite literally biting the hand that feeds them within minutes of begging that same human to pat them.  What other creature on earth could get away with all of those shenanigans?  Not many that’s for sure.

Cats are quite a unique and self absorbed creature, while also being very cuddly companions (personality dependant of course).  Each feline has so much personality and character that even despite physical similarities they truly are each their own individual.  From greeting their humans at the door, to lounging on the bed, or even hiding under the couch ready to pounce cats truly are very unique animals.

Royalty any way you look at it

Cats are known to feel as though they rule the place and they work hard to make it painstakingly obvious.  Somehow, these arrogant clowns still weasel their way into the hearts of their humans and provide an endless source of entertainment and reality checks in exchange for a pretty protected lives that seem to allow them to live through far more mistakes than Darwin’s theory would suggest is possible.  Gotta love a good cat show!

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