Are chipmunks predators – innocent bystanders, or top of the food chain?!

Are chipmunks predators you wonder… based on their diet and size alone it is fairly logical to conclude that they are fairly low on the food chain.  Given those facts they tend to fall into the prey category much more than the predator one.  While chipmunks are not predators, they are definitely prey to a wide variety of larger animals.

What animals eat chipmunks?

chipmunkThe list of predators that prey on chipmunks is quite diverse.  They are a fairly small rodent with minimal defence mechanisms.  While they do have teeth and little claws they don’t stand a chance amongst most larger predators whether arial (suck as hawks and owls), or mammal (coyotes, wolves, foxes, etc), even some reptiles (ie.snakes) can feast on chipmunks.

Chipmunk warnings

These furry little guys are often seen scurrying around feeders or up in trees for good reason – they are safer with somewhere to hide!  It isn’t too often you will see a bunch of chipmunks hanging out in the middle of a yard and that is due to their evolutionary instinct to not stay in such a vulnerable location.  If you have ever spent some time watching chipmunks in the yard you have probably noticed that they are very vocal creatures.  Chipmunks tend to have a great sense of community and use their little chirps, squeaks and noises to warn others of predators nearby.


In conclusion: Chipmunks are prey, not predators!

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