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where does cotton come from

Where does cotton come from – it’s actually grown on a plant!  The cotton used in your clothing has to go through many steps to take that form but it is all natural fibres straight off the cotton plants to start with.


What is the first day of winter?

What is the first day of winter? The official first day of winter is December 21st (or on occasion December 22nd every 4th year) (similar to how the first day of summer is generally...


How many countries are in Africa?

How many countries within? So you’re trying to figure out how many countries Africa houses… fair enough – that answer can vary a little depending on who you ask! The most basic and diversely...


What is the world bank?

So you’re wondering what world bank is?  Well we’ve got the simple answer for you along with places you can go to learn even more! The world bank is an international institution that aims...