Is Bronchitis contagious?

So if you’ve arrived here you are probably wondering if bronchitis is contagious… well the answer can be both yes and no!

The Basics…bronchitis

Simply put, bronchitis just means that the lining of your bronchial airways are inflamed.  This inflammation can cause symptoms such as coughing, difficulty breathing, and localized pain.  Oftentimes if your bronchitis is caused by a virus or bacteria then other flu like symptoms may be present as well.

Bronchitis can be separated into two categories – chronic (meaning your symptoms are longterm) and acute (lasting only a couple weeks).

Whether your bronchitis is contagious or not will depend on what caused it – if the initial cause was viral then it is highly likely that you could spread it while sick, whereas is you have chronic bronchitis caused by environmental factors and/or related to COPD then symptoms may persist, but you wont be spreading a cause of bronchitis.

In Summary…

So the short answer is that an acute bronchitis is likely to have a contagious component, whereas chronic bronchitis is not.

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