Are Ferrets Wild Animals – Great Family Pets or Feral Pests?

Are ferrets wild animals – what an interesting, and surprisingly common question.  The domesticated ferrets as we know them are actually not found in the wild.

Ferrets – Mustelids

Ferrets belong to the family Mustelidae, which are often thought of as weasel type animals.  Some characteristics include their maet eating (carnivore) diet and long slender body.  As carnivores, these mustelids depend on other small animals (such as prarie dogs, rats and mice) for food, thus when those populations declined so did that of the ferret.  The two main types of ferrets are the common ferret (a subspecies similar to and likely originating from the pole cat in Europe), and the black-footed ferret (which is native to Canada).

…a little more info please?

While ferrets have some relatives in the wild they are actually a domesticated species that no longer has a near identical wild counterpart.  They have been domesticated for quite some time now and can make great pets in the

right home.  While there have been attempts to rebuild the black footed ferret population in the wild this breeding and research tends to take place in captivity.

Ferret Facts

These adorable little guys have a super long body with short legs and short round ears.  When properly trained and selected for temperament they can make great pets!  They are very social creatures with a bit of a very distinct musky sent.

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