Can Chipmunks Cause Damage – Cute or Destructive?

A lot of people think chipmunks are adorable – myself included! They have super cute colours and love to be at the bird feeders grabbing a snack or hanging out in the windowsill. It’s a valid concern though to wonder if chipmunks can cause damage. Most rodents can cause problems when they get inside – chipmunks really aren’t any different! It really comes down to both cute and destructive for these little guys, they are awesome when they remain outside where they belong but not so great to have inside the house!

Chipmunk The Upside of Chipmunks

Chipmunks are pretty fun to watch while drinking your morning coffee, or through the window while doing dishes. When well-fed, they can be a great addition to the backyard. Provided there is enough food and unimportant areas for them to burrow they tend to do little damage in the yard and can be a great addition to your yard. They often get along well with a variety of birds and squirrels and can contribute positively to the ecosystem that they inhabit. The little bit of burrowing they do can actually contribute to soil health by allowing some air down and they are also great for spreading seeds to help create new growth! In the backyard chipmunks can be both visual appealing and functionally beneficial!

When they travel indoors…

Fortunately, most chipmunks really don’t want to be indoors. Unlike their slightly smaller and less colourful counterparts – the mouse they hibernate in the winter so tend not to be such an issue. In cool climates mice try to find away indoors to a warm area with food and often wreak havoc in the human environment that they choose. Since chipmunks hibernate through winter they don’t have much reason to come indoors – therefor they aren’t likely to be leaving feces and urine everywhere or chewing through your walls, furniture and electrical wiring. Since they are rarely seeking something indoors they generally get in be accident and ten to panic when they do find them self inside a house.

Getting the Indoor Chipmunk back Outside

When a chipmunk does find itself inside someones home they can be quite scared. Lots of running, chirping, and occasionally even a high-pitched squeal can be the result. Thankfully, they are also fairly easily driven towards food. A large rodent trap with some nuts or seeds in it can work well to capture the chipm

unk and safely return them to the outdoors. Some traps may not be triggered by the light weight of a chipmunk so it is important to make sure you have a way to get it closed once the chipmunk is inside if that’s the case. Otherwise, opt for a slightly smaller trap that can be triggered with less weight. A large trap may look more inviting but it’snot very useful if the chipmunk can just run right back out.


A chipmunk indoors can cause damage just like any other rodent, but it is rarely an issue because they don’t usually have a reason to come inside in the first place.

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