What month is February?

What month is February?

So you’re wondering what month February is.  Well the simplest answer to that is the second month of a typical calendar year!  That is probably the easiest way to identify roughly the time of year that February occurs in.  There are also many other factors that can be used to help identify February as well though! For example, it is the month after January, and followed by March.  It is the only month that does not have exactly the same number of days each year!  Every fourth year is considered a “leap year”, during which February has one extra day (29 instead of the usual 28).  With that in mind you have likely already realized that February is also the shortest month of the year! All other months have 30-31 days, not just 28 (or 29).

Depending on where you live the seasons may vary. However, at least for Canadians, February is often known as one of the coldest months of the year.  Typically recognized by a snow covered ground, cold temperatures, and thankfully slowly lengthening days.  During February residents often start to see glimmers of hope for spring come through as the end of the month nears.

February could also be categorized by some of the major holidays that it contains.  Often the most commonly thought of and prominently acknowledged February holiday is Valentine’s day which occurs on February 14th each year… we’ll save the details and history there for another article ;).  A newer holiday that is often recognized (at least in Canada) and happens to fall in February is known as “Family Day” and appreciated in Canada with a statutory holiday.

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