What do leopard geckos eat?

If you’re thinking about getting a leopard gecko there are many important things to know about how to care of them, including what they eat.  While very cute and fairly low maintenance these lizards require specialized care that is quite different from your pet cat or dog!  Keeping them happy can be a work of art involving some trial and error just like any other pet!

What do leopard geckos eat

Leopard Geckos are considered an exotic pet, and therefor, you will need to ensure you find a veterinarian in the area that is willing and able to provide routine and emergency care for your little friend, should it be needed.  It is important to ask veterinary clinics if they cover this species specifically as many small animal clinics do not provide service for animals beyond the common house pets.

Water time!

Let’s start with the obvious – hydration!  Your leopard gecko will need water available to drink. These guys are adorable but don’t just need the water for drinking – they will also regularly lay in the water to soak!  That means having clean water available in a large enough dish to fit your whole lizard is very important for them.  While they are reptiles, they still require a certain level of water quality so check with your local reptile experts to ensure you are treating your water properly if needed.  The contents of tap water can vary by location so water treatment is not a one size fits all thing unfortunately.

Now for the Snacks!

Leopard geckos have a fairly focused diet – that includes primarily insects!  Some species have a digestive system designed for fruits and vegetables, some digest meat well, omnivores can handle both, but these little guys thrive on a diet made of primarily of insects.  “Insectivore” is the technical title for their dietary needs.  Pretty cool that leopard geckos can thrive on some of the bugs we are usually looking to eliminate from the human living space such as crickets.


Have you ever had a leopard gecko?  Let us know your experiences below!

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