What is a notebook?

what is a notebook?

So you’re wondering what a notebook is…  Well, there are two correct answers to that question!notebook  The first type, and one that still commonly exists today, is basically a pad of paper that is bound on one side to make a little book!  The second kind, has now become more or less interchangeable with the laptop.  At they most basic level they can perform a similar function of storing information, but that is about where the similarities end.

Paper Notebook:

A paper notebook is several sheets of paper, oftentimes ruled for writing purposes and bound into a small book to hold them together.  While much less technical than a laptop they are still incredibly popular and widely used.  Electronic notebooks are constantly advancing and becoming more and more powerful each year!

Computer Notebook:

Notebook computers were initially introduced in 1988 to allow for a small, lightweight personal computer that could easily fit in a briefcase and be used remotely.  At their introduction a lot of power and computing ability was sacrificed for the size.  Fast forward to today and the modern notebook is essentially the same as a laptop (which has come down in size significantly).  The modern version is quite a powerful device and found in nearly every office around nowadays!

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