Where do Penguins live?

Where do penguins live?So you have asked yourself “Where do Penguins live?”

Where do penguins live? While penguins are quite popular in movies they are actually only found in the Southern Hemisphere.  What you may find surprising is that the southern hemisphere is basically everything south of the equator.  This means that it encompasses areas of various climates – not just the snow and ice that we tend to picture when penguins come to mind!

So… like the South Pole?

While the Antarctic and surrounding areas do house a significant number of penguins among several species that is not the only climate in which they can be found.  There are also species of penguins that are best adapted to warmer weather.  Subsequently, those penguins tend to be found closer to the equator.

Are all penguins the same?

Each species of penguin has some of their own characteristic traits that allow them to be best suited to their respective environments.  However, they do all have some things in common.  A few of those common traits include their general appearance and shape.  Those physical characteristics lend well to their ability to navigate water, and thus a diet that predominantly consists of fish, and other sea creatures.  Likewise, they are not the most suited to escape predators on land and therefor tend to be found in areas in which the necessity to fight or flee on land is minimal.

More penguin info please!

While this article was written to provide a brief answer on where penguins can be found there is still so much more to learn about these incredible animals! If you’re interested in learning some more we encourage you to check out the links below.

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