How to dress like a pirate

So you’re wondering how to dress like a pirate… perhaps for halloween, or just for fun in general.  While there are many variations of pirate attire we will highlight a few of the most common characteristics below.

Must haves

how to dress like a pirate

The vast majority of pirate cotumes include a pirate hat as the bare minimum.  This hat is a specific shape, and often black or a dark brown.  Sometimes the hat even has a white skull and crossbones on the front of it as well!

Next up, while not madatory, is the well known “Pirate eye patch” – a thick piece of fabric in the shape of a black circle, oval, or traingle with rounded edges can be used to cover one eye with a string around the back of your head to hold it on and will due just fine for this purpose on most costumes.

The remianing attire can vary greatly depending on the vibe you’re going for.  A jacket is fairly common, alond with a sword, knife, hook, or gun to complete the look.  Belts and chains are frequently used as accessories as well and occasionally a sash or pocketful of gold coins can be found.  For an adult female halloween costume fishnet stockings and a skirt may be part of the costume as well.  For younger children pants are a common bottom piece.

…what if I don’t like the pirate hat?

Those opting out of the ever so popular pirate hat can often be foudn wearing a bandana tied off to the side instead.  Long hair and leather shoes are often part of the get up as well.  Hair can be arranged in many ways but dreadlocks or a few small braids are not uncommon.  Overall, a tough and mysterious look that is a little rough around the edges can be quite popular amongst the many variations of a pirate costume!

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