What can vegetarians eat?

What can vegetarians eat?  The general understanding of a vegetarian is that the person does not eat meat.  Depending on the individual some people may classify themselves as vegetarian while still eating some alternatives such as fish and eggs.  Other vegetarians do not eat meat of any form.  When embarking on a vegetarian diet it is important to make sure that all of the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that a person would normally get from the eliminated foods are still adequate or supplemented in the diet.

Isn’t a vegetarians diet bland?


A vegetarian can still have a lot of variety in their diet in the form or fruits, vegetables, grains, etc.  Fortunately we also live in a time where there are many meat alternatives allowing for a meat type taste, texture and form that is actually made from all vegetarian appropriate ingredients.  Often times people find it takes a little experimentation to find which meat substitutes that like best but there are plenty of options where desired.

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