What is a notebook?

what is a notebook?

So you’re wondering what a notebook is…  Well there are two correct answers to that question!  The first notebook, and one that still commonly exists today, is basically pad of paper that is bound on one side to make a little book!  The second kind, has now become more or less interchangeable with the laptop.

Paper Notebooks:

A paper notebook is several sheets of paper, oftentimes ruled for writing purposes and bound into a small book to hold them together.

Computer Notebooks:

Notebook computers were initially introduced in 1988 to allow for a small, lightweight personal computer that could easily fit in a briefcase and be used remotely.  At their introduction a lot of power and computing ability was sacrificed for the size.  Fast forward to today and the modern notebook is essentially the same as a laptop (which has come down in size significantly) and quite a powerful device!

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